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Currently accepted at: JMIR Research Protocols

Date Submitted: Jul 31, 2018
Open Peer Review Period: Oct 12, 2018 - Oct 12, 2018
Date Accepted: Dec 13, 2018
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This paper has been accepted and is currently in production.

It will appear shortly on 10.2196/11754

The final accepted version (not copyedited yet) is in this tab.

The final, peer-reviewed published version of this preprint can be found here:

A User Experience Assessment Protocol for Evidence-Based Healthcare Knowledge Integration System

Nabelsi V, Croteau S

A User Experience Assessment Protocol for Evidence-Based Healthcare Knowledge Integration System

JMIR Res Protoc 2019;8(3):e11754

DOI: 10.2196/11754

PMID: 30855235

PMCID: 6431825

A User Experience Assessment Protocol for Evidence-Based Healthcare Knowledge Integration System

  • Véronique Nabelsi; 
  • Sylvain Croteau



The rapid advancements in healthcare can make it difficult for general physicians and specialists alike to keep their knowledge up to date. In medicine today, there are deficiencies in the application of knowledge translation in clinical practice. Some medical procedures are not required and therefore no value is added to the patient’s care. These unnecessary medical procedures increase pressures on the healthcare system’s resources, reduce the quality of care, add to the patient’s stress and expose them to other potential risks. In other instances, a prescribed test or a specific treatment that may not be aligned with the evidence is recommended due to its positive outcomes. Knowledge translation tools and better access to medical recommendations can lead to improvements in physicians decision making processes depending on the patient’s specific clinical situation. These tools can provide the physicians with the available options and promote an efficient professional practice. SEKMED is a technological solution providing access to high-quality evidence, based on just-in-time principles, in the application of medical recommendations for clinical decision-making processes recognized by community members, accreditation bodies (Association des médecins d’urgence du Québec or AMUQ, etc.) and standards bodies (Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux or INESSS, Choosing Wisely, etc.).


The main objective of the pilot project is to assess the validity and usefulness of the SEKMED platform used within a real working clinical practice, specifically the Centre intégré de santé et des services sociaux de l’Outaouais (CISSSO) in Quebec, Canada. To achieve our main objective, 40 emergency physicians from the Hull Hospital and the Gatineau Hospital will participate in the project as well as 20 patient care unit physicians from the Hull Hospital. Additionally, 10 external students or residents studying family medicine from McGill University will also participate in our study.


The project is divided into four phases: 1) scope, 2) data synthesis, 3) develop and validate the recommendations, and 4) implement, monitor and update the recommendations. These phases will enable us to meet our six specific research objectives. The knowledge gained during each phase will be applied on an iterative and continuous basis to all other phases over a period of two years.


This project was funded in April 2018 by the Fonds de soutien à l’innovation en santé et en services sociaux (FSISSS) for a period of 24 months. Ethics approval has been attained and the study is expected to begin June 2018 with preliminary results available in December 2018. Both major city hospitals in the Outaouais region, Quebec, Canada have agreed to participate in the project.


If results show preliminary efficacy and usability of the system, a large-scale implementation will be conducted.


Please cite as:

Nabelsi V, Croteau S

A User Experience Assessment Protocol for Evidence-Based Healthcare Knowledge Integration System

JMIR Research Protocols. (forthcoming/in press)

DOI: 10.2196/11754


PMID: 30855235

PMCID: 6431825

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